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Kinofest 2015

The 9th edition of Kinofest ended, more than 220 films were screened at Cinema Union, Cinema Elvira Popescu, Seneca Anticafe, Energiea Pub and Carol 53. For 3 days, the fantasy of hundreds of filmmakers lived on the Kinofest screens.


The juries appointed the best films from 2015 edition, from the OFF-LINE competitions:

CLOUDY CHILDREN was assigned the Best FICTION short film - a production Iran 2014, signed by Reza Fahimi. The film presents the story of two children, in a country with many restrictions. The film also won the Gran Prix at SSFF&Asia (Tokyo), an “Oscar qualifying” festival.

Cloudy Children

The Jury of the Fiction Competition was: Mihai Fulger – film critic, Iulia Verdes – actress and Alexandra Paun – script writer and independent film producer.

At the Animation section, the prize went to the Piotr Dumala with the short film HIPOPOTAMY (Ploand, 2014). Synopsis: a few naked women and children are bathing in a river. They are being secretly observed by a group of men, who, at one point decide to approach them, in a violent manner, as if inspired by the behaviour of Hippopotamuses. The author of the music is Alexandru Balanescu. “Hipopotamy” is an original short film, with a powerfull impact, controversial, who won almost 20 prizes already.


The Animation Jury was: Piotr Kardas, producer of the animation festival O!PLA, in Poland, Bogdan Lazar - animator, Radu Tinc – art director and Andrei Cotrut – comics illustrator.

The ONLINE competitions: the public assigned the winners, the voting took place from 1st September to 27th September. The Best Online Fiction is EL DESPIDO, a Spanish short film, directed by Juan Manuel Aragón.


And the Best Online Animation is MENAGERIE, by Julian Gallese, a co-production Canada-Costa Rica.


The Best Micromovie is HUNTING, a Taiwan production, directed by Chun-Hao.


The festival took place in 5 locations, and gathered about 1500 spectators. And the online competitions gathered almost 10.000 views.

Kinofest International Film Festival is organized by Kinofest Association, with no governmental support, or any other State institution from Romania (C.N.C, Culture Minister, A.F.C.N, A.R.C.U.B, Bucharest City Hall, etc.)

Kinofest 2015 Partners:
KissFM, British Council, Romstal, Seneca Anticafe, French Institute Romania, Studio MEKA, VICE, Zile şi Nopţi, Iqads, Aimee, A.R.C.E.N, Carol 53,
Media partners: Cinemagia, Cinemarx, HAC, Starfilme, Romania pozitiva, Yotransfer, Modernism, Cinefan,, BadKarma, Aarc, GensduBien, Oraşul Meu, IGN Romania.
Partner festivals: View Conference Italy, O!PLA Poland, ECAM Spain.

posterkino2015 eng

In 2015, Kinofest Film Festival is reaching the 9th edition, between 25th and 27th September. 225 exciting short films will be screened at Cinema Union, Cinema Elvira Popescu, Energiea Pub, Seneca Anticafe and Carol 53. And, on our web-page, you can see 52 other short films, selected in the online competitions.

The festival has 5 competitions, that gather 93 films, and 3 sections are online: Online Animation (21 films), Online Fiction (15 films) and Micromovie (16 films). The two competitions that are happening in the cinema present films that are premieres in Romania: (Offline) Fiction - 15 films and (Offline) Animation - 26 films. Each competition will have one winner.

The online competitions, a novelty of this edition, are happening on, between 1st and 27th September. The finalist shorts (52 films, from 17 countries, totaling more than 30 international prizes) can be seen and voted by the international public on internet.

The traditional competitions of the festival, Animation and Fiction (offline), will be screened at Cinema Union, between 25th and 27th September, in the presence of a professional jury.

The Fiction Competition presents 15 films from 10 countries, some of them being already rewarded in other festivals: “37˚4 S” by Adriano Valerio (France) won the jury’s prize at Cannes 2015, at Tanger and Art Court Video; „Lithium”, by Rodrigo Canet (Spain) is a winning comedy at Ratma Film Festival and Marin County Fair in 2015; “Mi primer beso” of Manich Albert (Spain) won 13 prizes. “Une Toile d’Araignée” signed by Sophie Galibert (France), “La metafora del piccione” of Miguel Murciano (Italy), “Requiem” of Wen Muye (China) - these other examples of rewarded short films that are selected in the Fiction contest. We also note the presence of the student films of the Russian State University of Cinematography S.A.Gerasimov from Moscow.

25 films, from 15 countries, are qualified for the Animation competition. We notice the film “Premier Automne” by Carlos de Carvalho and Aude Danset (France) awarded with 25 prizes (Short Shorts Film Festival - Tokyo/Japan; KDIAF - Taipei/Taiwan; Cartoons on the Bay - Venice/Italy; ANIMAC International Short Film Festival - Lleida/Spain; Rencontres du Court - Montpellier/France; EXPOTOONS Animation Festival - Buenos Aires/Argentine; Nagoya International Digital Animation Festival - Nagoya/Japan; Stoke Your Fires Film Festival - Stoke-on-Trent/UK, etc). Other examples: “Bendito Machine V: Pull the trigger” by Jossie Malis (Spain), “Juste de L’eau” by Carlos de Carvalho (France), etc. As student films, we point out the presence of the Gobelins’ productions (France), a traditional presence at Kinofest.

The off-competition section - World Panorama (a non-competitive section of the festival) presents this year 56 productions; they will be screened at Cinema Union.

In 2015, our guest festivals are: O!PLA / Polish Animation Festival and View Confference Italy (animations, at Cinema Union, Sunday), plus a Spanish film selection from ECAM (screened at Energiea Pub, Saturday).

Seneca Anticafe, in a beautiful space, intended for reading and creative socialization, will host films about the impact of men on the environment, a program entitled „The Blue Planet”, and presented by Romstal.

At Cinema Elvira Popescu, Kinofest will present 30 animations for children, from 3 years old up to... 99 years old. Saturday and Sunday, at 11AM.

Energiea Pub will host: Friday – a program of animations from Yunlin National University of Science and Technology (Taiwan); Saturday - Spanish shorts OFFECAM, and Sunday – the winners from Kinofest 2013 and 2014 (Best of Kinofest).

Carol 53, a center for independent art, will screen a selection of Japonese fiction shorts, from the Short Shorts Film Festival (Tokyo) – Saturday from 8 PM. The Japonese creation impresses through sensitivity and inedit.
This year, the visual part of the media campaign was created by Studio MEKA. The main character is the nordic god Thor, who masters the lightnings – or, in our case, the stunning films!

KissFM, British Council, Romstal, Seneca Anticafe, Institutul Francez Bucureşti, Studio MEKA, VICE, Zile şi Nopţi, Iqads, Aimee, A.R.C.E.N, Carol 53,, Institutul Francez Timişoara.

Media Parteners: Cinemagia, Cinemarx, HAC, Starfilme, Romania pozitiva, Yotransfer, Modernism, Cinefan,, BadKarma, Aarc, GensduBien, Oraşul Meu.

Partner festivals: View Conference Italy, O!PLA Poland, ECAM Spain

Enjoy the films!

foto stire competitia Online Kinofest

Starting this year, Kinofest organises three online competitions, and spectators are challenged to watch and vote. The shortfilms, HD quality, are uploaded on the Youtube/Kinofest channel:

The Animation Competition presents 21 nominated shorts, from 12 countries and four continents (North America, Asia, Europe, Oceania). The films gather 26 international awards from important animation festivals arround the world (BE FILM - USA, Oneota Film Festival - USA, Durham Film Festival - UK, New York Los Angeles International Film Festival - USA, Très Court International Film Festival - Franta, Anim’Est Romania, Mediawave-Ungaria, etc), proof for theire artistic and technical quality. The genres are different, from comedies to drama and adventure films.

The list of nominees for Animation:

1.THE SUGAR BUGS, John Kim (4’12” / USA)

2. RELIGATIO, Jaime Giraldo (3’23” / Canada)

3. BUOYANT, Hajime Kimura (4’20” / France)

4. A LIFE, Diana Tapia Munguia (1’25” / Canada)

5. EVERY DAY I DIE, Amitay Leopold (4’41” / Israel)

6. RESCUE, Po-Chou Chi (6’ / Taiwan)

7. SWINGS, Mizmor Watzman (1’31” / Israel)

8. TAKOOSA!, Carl Gapasin (2’16” / Canada)

9. MARCHE ARRIERE, Ayce Kartal (4’ / France)

10. THE PREDATORS OF TRANSYLVANIA, Julia Kolenakova ( 6’25” / Slovakia)

11. SUN CITY, Qi-Dong Peng (3’6” / Taiwan)

12. NONE OF THAT, Isabela Littger&Anna Paddock&Kriti Kaur (4’10” / USA)

13. THE FOREST PAPER, Sipparpad Krongraksa (4’12” / Thailand)

14. LIFE, Iliya Atanasov (3’7” / United Arab Emirates)

15. CHRONEMICS, Animade / Kontrastfilm GbR (6’17” / UK&Germany)

16. POILS, Delphine Hermans (8’44” / Belgium)

17. STEADFAST STANLEY, John Kim (4’12” / USA /Canada)

18. MOTHER, Wu-Ching Chang ( 3’39” / Taiwan)

19. MENAGERIE, Julian Gallese (3’28” / Canada / Costa Rica)

20. ABIOGENESIS, Richard Mans (4’20” / New Zeeland)

21. A MAN CALLED MAN, Guy Charnaux (3’33” / Canada)

The animation competition is presented by VICE (

The Fiction Competition is 95% European, it presents 15 shorts from seven countries. Russia is present with five films, followed by France with three films, Poland and Spain with two, and the other countries are: Kosovo, Germany, Belarus and USA. The fiction shorts have a strong story, emotional impact, ranging from introspective film, thriller or SF.

The list of nominees for Fiction:

1. THE COUP, Fabian Driehorst&Frédéric Schuld (1’41” / Germany)

2. THE SAME BLOOD, Mitry Semenov-Aleinikov (14’59” / Belarus )

3. IN SILENCE, Tomasz Wierzbicki (3’47” / Poland)

4. MA RENCONTRE, Justin Pechberty, Samir Hamiche (4’ / France)

5. THE BUSINESS PROPOSAL, Efgraph Sorokin (11’ 25’ / Russia)

6. FOTO DE FAMILIA, Fernando G. Pliego (19’45” / Spain)

7. MASHKA, Igor Kagramanov (26’3” / Russia)

8. SUR LA POINTE DES PIEDS, Yacine Badday (12’ / France)

9. THE BRIDGE, Petr Levchenko (19’31” / Russia)

10. El DESPIDO, Juan Manuel Aragón (3’17” / Spain)

11. THE REAL AMERICAN, Darya Zhuk (13’19” / USA - Belarus – Russia)

12. TOMORROW IS SUNDAY, Tomasz Wierzbicki (3’47” / Poland)

13. DIFFERENT PEOPLE, Kirill Kosolapov (9’ / Russia)

14. WHERE IS DON?, More Raca (10’ / Kosovo)

15. THE RECALL, Michael Paris (7’56” / France)

The Micromovie competition is a film cocktail, from classic animated film, to music video, and experimental.

The list of nominees for Micromovie:

1. HUNTING, Chen, Chun-Hao (2’20” / Taiwan)

2. COUCH POTATOES, Jessica Lester (2’52” / UK)

3. THE DUEL, Mauricio Sanhueza (3’36” / Peru)

4. SPARKY KETCHUP, Lori Malépart-Traversy (1’45” / Canada)

5. NIGHT OF THE CORDYCEPS, Gabriel Masella (3’ / Canada)

6. FISH FATALE, James Connors (1’38” / Canada)

7. TV, Yuuki Murata (2’52” / Japan)

8. HANDSOME, Amélie Talarmain (2’12” / UK)

9. BY THE HORNS, Stella Salumaa, Justin Sicile (2’46” / UK)

10. INSTANTS, Denet Sylvie (3’30” / France)

11.THE REWARD, Po-Chou Chi (3’ / Taiwan)

12. BALLOON RIDE, George Leigh (1’3” / Irleland)

13. SWITCH MAN, Hsun-Chun Chuang (3’39” / Taiwan)

14. PUSH ME OUT TO THE SEA, BE BRAVE BENJAMIN, Margarita Leonore Göbel (3’46 / Spain)

15. LIGHT & DARK, Ya-Ru Chan (1’25” / Taiwan)

16. EXTRA CHAMPIGNONS, Lori Malépart-Traversy (2’ / Canada)

The three winners are assigned by the internaut public: the best film for each cathegory will be the one that gathers most votes (“likes”). We invite all film enthuziasts to watch the films and vote the three winners for the three competitions.

The voting process takes place like this: in order to vote a film, you must have an Youtube personal account. After you log in, and see the film, in order to vote the film, you must press: “like” button, under the film player, on Youtube/Kinofest channel.

The film that gathers most “likes” until 27th September, at 1AM, will be the winner.

2015 International Film Festival Kinofest will project the offline competitions at Cinema Union, Cinema Elvire Popesco, Carol 53 and Seneca Anticafe, between 25th and 2th September, in Bucharest.

Kinofest partners in 2015:

KissFM, British Council, Romstal, Seneca Anticafe, Istitutul francez Bucuresti, VICE, Zile si Nopti, Iqads, Aime, A.R.C.E.N, Carol 53,, Institutul Francez Timisoara.

Media Partners: Cinemagia, Cinemarx, HAC, Starfilme, Romania pozitiva, Yotransfer, Modernism, Cinefan,, BadKarma, Aarc., GensduBien

Festivals: View Conference Italy, O!PLA Poland

Foto parteneriat HAC

For the second time this year, the publishing house HAC!BD will support Kinofest and help us bring digital film closer to the Romanian comic books enthusiasts. HAC!BD is the first publishing house in Romania dedicated to publishing Romanian comics. Their first print project, launched in 2012 illustrates the story of the Romanian hero Harap Alb in a Marvel style and has already reached issue #17. In the present, the publishing house has launched a second title based on one of the Romanian fairy tales, this time inspired by the “Tinerete fara batranete si viata fara de moarte” story. The new comic book illustrates the characters of the Romanian writer Petre Ispirescu in a post-apocalyptic world, in a Sci-Fi version. Both collections and also other Romanian comic books can be ordered online on the publishing house online shop –

foto stire View

In 2015, Kinofest has VIEW as event-partner - the premiere international event in Italy on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 2D/3D Animation, Gaming and VFX. We’ll screen at Kinofest the best animations from VIEW 2014, in a “Best of” program.

VIEW 2015 will take place in Turin (Italy) from 19 to 23 October 2015, followed by VIEWFest (23-25 October). VIEW is exploring the increasingly fluid boundary between real and digital worlds. Through lectures, meetings, tributes, exhibits, screenings and demo presentations VIEW will reveal the new digital frontier sweeping from cinema to architecture, from automotive design to advertisement, from medicine to videogames.

VIEW Conference is now accepting entries for VIEW Award, VIEW Social and ITALIANMIX (animated short with 2D/3D animation and VFX) through Festhome: or regular mail: (Deadline 15 September 2015)

We're starting the official Call for Entries for Kinofest 2015

You can start sending films! The deadline for registrations is 1st August. Please read about registration requirements, terms and conditions here.

The 9th edition of Kinofest will take place: on 1-27 September on internet, and on 25-27 September in a cinema.

Starting this year, Kinofest expands on internet, organising two more competitions, hosted online.

Online Kinofest Competitions (1-27 September): Animation, Fiction, Micromovie. The selected films will be upload on Youtube Kinofest (, and available for the public voting (with "like"). The film that gathers most vots will win the competition – there will be 3 winners, one for each online section: Best Animation Online, Best Fiction Online, Best Micromovie.

OFFline Kinofest Competitions (25-27 September): Animation and Fiction. The selected films will be projected in a cinema, on 25-27 September. The jury, one for each section, will choose the winners: Best Animation and Best Fiction. If the budget will allow us, we'll have two more prizes – a Jury Prize for each offline competition.

The prizes will be cash.

This year we're organizing (again) an international contest for the official poster of the festival, a contest opened to any graphic-designer and artist interested. Read more here.